Welcome to the Friends of Margravine Cemetery

Welcome to Margravine Cemetery, also known in the past as Hammers Cemetery. Our organisation, the Friends of Margravine Cemetery is well over 100 strong. We work closely with the Council and with other relevant organisations in caring for the cemetery. Our group works on a membership basis, so if you enjoy your visits and would like to become a member of our group – or volunteer some of your time – or give a donation, then please do get in touch with us. Members benefit from being kept up to date with all the events in the cemetery, receive regular newsletters and invitations to seasonal cemetery walks as well as group discussion meetings to enhance the use of the cemetery. If you want to contact us please email: info@margravinecemetery.org.uk



The four seasons


Latest News

Kids’ club spring 2018

Kids’ club spring 2018

We held the seasonal spring kid’s adventure – in snow! We were able to look at blossom, buds opening, alder catkins, and overwintering ladybirds, but the goldfinches flew from the feeders when they saw over 20 children fast approaching.

Winter 2017

Winter 2017

We look back with pride over the last 12 months in which our number of listed buildings has DOUBLED! This means 3 new listings. The first is the Reception House - a rare example of a purpose-built place for Victorians to lay their dead prior to burial. Before this the...

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Help stop Oak Processionary Moth (OPM)!

OPM damages trees, animals and human health. You can read more about it at https://bit.ly/3eEoR7t.

Any sightings (see picture) should be reported via either:
W: https://bit.ly/2yD3rbc
E: opm@forestrycommission.gov.uk
T: 0300 067 4442.