Margravine London in Bloom 2014-1477The Friends of Margravine entered the LIB event in the ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ category. We produced a portfolio for the judges and took them round the cemetery on July 17th . We were judged as ‘Thriving’ – a great result – only second to ‘Outstanding’. There is a bit of a step up to get the very top grade!

To quote from the portfolio:

‘The cemetery is a green lung. It actually shows up on maps as an area of higher air quality than its surroundings. This is important in this borough of very heavy traffic, of high population and of high building density.’

‘Commuters are a large group who use the cemetery on their route to and from both Charing Cross Hospital and the residential streets to the south of the cemetery . At between 8 and 9 in the morning and then again in the evening, there is a real rush hour numbering 2000 journeys a day.

For those who are not on their way to work and at weekends, the cemetery is enjoyed through all its seasons by regular dog walkers, joggers, students from the nearby 2 colleges, families, bird watchers (many drawn from afar to watch the peregrines on the hospital), and not least by  our members who value this green oasis in central London.’