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Spring 2019

We are celebrating 150 years since the cemetery’s opening in 1869. We had a great winter kids club. Many can now identify a gorse bush, a birch tree – and know where ladybirds overwinter! The central round bed is awaiting a face-lift and we hope to have news of this […]

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December 2018

We have planted 150 whips to celebrate the 150 years the cemetery has been open (1869-2019). Additionally we planted out the Blake memorial with beautiful flowers in November and held a vigil marking the 100 years since a munitions factory blew up in the borough a week before armistice 1918. All […]

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Summer-autumn 2018

Good news – the footpaths are going to be resurfaced. Work is due to start 26th March or soon after. Note that the western gate near the hospital will be closed. The work should not take much more than 2 weeks Recently we held the seasonal spring kid’s adventure – in […]

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Kids’ club spring 2018

We held the seasonal spring kid’s adventure – in snow! We were able to look at blossom, buds opening, alder catkins, and overwintering ladybirds, but the goldfinches flew from the feeders when they saw over 20 children fast approaching.

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Winter 2017

We look back with pride over the last 12 months in which our number of listed buildings has DOUBLED! This means 3 new listings. The first is the Reception House – a rare example of a purpose-built place for Victorians to lay their dead prior to burial. Before this the living room […]

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Autumn 2017

The History Walk on Sunday 10th September 2017 went well We looked at the recently listed buildings and monuments and covered some of the early history of the cemetery since its opening in 1869. Autumn is now upon us and the areas of long grass are now being cut. They have supported […]

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